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The Blue Ecology Institute Foundation offers several programs to address climate change, based on the five principles to care for Mother Earth.

What’s in an Attitude

An attitude is a collection of values, theories, philosophies, beliefs, and principles, that motivate and influence your actions.

Blue Ecology™ believes in humanity’s great collective potential to find climate change solutions by adopting a more respectful attitude towards nature. The core of this attitude change is represented by the key principles of Blue Ecology™. The purpose is to be mindful of what you take from Nature, and how it is extracted.

Youth Ambassadors

Sharing the message of addressing climate change through changing attitudes & mindful consumption with the world.

Indigenous Elders emphasize the importance of teaching our youth to know and respect nature’s central spiritual and functional role in our lives.

Embracing those teachings and practising mindful consumption with changed attitudes empowers and brings hope. It’s a difference we all can make in the fight against climate change, with youth leading the way. Change is possible and it all starts with attitude – no permission from government or the corporate world needed.

Blue Ecology™ Youth Ambassadors have the will and passion to learn and embrace the Indigenous Wisdom shared by Elders for generations. They respect and sense the spirit in all of creation, understand the current climate challenges, and are ready to take action to reverse the destructive course of consumerism and predatory resource extraction from Mother Earth.

They are ready to share what they learn with others, and can carry the Blue Ecology movement far and wide.

Youth Ambassadors

First Cohort

Our Youth Ambassadors will be certified during 3-day in-person retreats at Echo Valley Ranch in Clinton, BC. Each retreat will involve approximately one dozen youth from across BC.

This group will experience connection to the land and water firsthand under indigenous guidance. Led by Michael Blackstock, with Indigenous Elder guest speakers, Youth Ambassadors will learn to embrace the Five Principles of Blue Ecology™, create a personal action plan on how to “sense the spirit”, learn how to share the Blue Ecology message in a culturally appropriate way, and start their own Blue Ecology™ group. In doing so, they will share with and influence others through social media and other platforms to join and share the cause.

Inspirational Speaking

Shifting perspectives within an organization takes time and patience, but our highly personalized programs provide inspiration and ongoing support.

At BEIF, we offer insight and direction, along with hands-on-help in drafting plans, policy white papers, seminars, speeches, and other initiatives.

Whether it’s an introductory session to Blue Ecology™, or a deep dive into a two or three day course designed around your industry and organization’s specific goals, Michael Blackstock is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring environmental action, reconciliation, unity and hope.

Michael is available for guest speaker bookings for leadership retreats, climate conferences, reconciliation gatherings, ecology workshops and/or water seminars.

Leadership Certification

Coming in 2024

Responsible corporations pay attention to their customer and shareholder’s feedback. As a result, many companies have set Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) targets, but struggle to find a means to implement them. Blue Ecology™ offers operational principles to guide and monitor ESG implementation.

Corporations who are ready to embrace the Five Principles of Blue Ecology™ can obtain the Blue Ecology™ Corporate Leadership Certification. An annual report on the corporation’s actions in support of these principles will ensure ongoing certification and membership in good standing. The certification will also serve as a guidepost for consumers seeking to support companies with responsible and sustainable practices.

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