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What We Do

Blue Ecology Retreats

Join the Blue Ecology Institute Foundation (BEIF) team and youth from all over British Columbia for transformative experiences at beautiful locations around the province.

Discover, learn, and connect in a naturally stunning setting where nature, education, and community converge.


We offer insight and direction, along with hands-on-help in drafting plans, policy white papers, seminars, speeches, and other initiatives.

Whether it’s an introductory session to Blue Ecology, or a deep dive into a two or three day course designed around your industry and organization’s specific goals, Michael Blackstock is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring environmental action, reconciliation, unity and hope.

Michael is available for guest speaker bookings for leadership retreats, climate conferences, reconciliation gatherings, ecology workshops and/or water seminars.

Water Walks

Learning about the Blue Ecology philosophy is best done in nature. BEIF organizes Water Walks, an interactive way to learn the fundamentals of Blue Ecology while immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.

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