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Who We Are

Blue Ecology philosophy, developed by Michael Blackstock, a Co-Founder and Director of the BEIF with Gitxsan/European heritage, represents this approach that interweaves Indigenous wisdom with Western science.

In his first book – “Faces in the Forest” – he called the first chapter “The Long Way Around is Closer to Home” in acknowledgment of Elder teachings. They taught him that there are no shortcuts for knowledge keepers, as they are entrusted with the Nation’s history and teachings. Michael has been very careful and methodical in his research, seeking double peer review by Indigenous Elders and Western Academia.

BEIF’s approach involves fostering a holistic understanding of the environment and inspiring sustainable practices through the integration of diverse perspectives. The core of our work lies in the transformative power of this interweaving.

BEIF’s programs are designed not just to educate, but to invite a fundamental shift in how people perceive and interact with nature.

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